The Team

Cassian Hall

Cassian Hall - Agent

Coming from the world of screen I particularly like working with screenwriters. I look for strong, well-observed characters that are taken on a journey. In terms of genre, I am currently looking for thrillers and psychology based non-fiction. However, I can not take on any more first time writers right now, as I'm at capacity. Read more

Jocelyn Dellar - Agent

I’m on the lookout for some great new writers, who possess the drive and commitment to make a career from their passion.  My specialist areas are fantasy and children’s/YA fiction, though I’d welcome other submissions; the quality of the writing interests me more than the subject.Read more

Portrait of Cinzia DuBois

Cinzia DuBois - Agent

As a lover of words, deep thoughts and poetic narratives, I am on the lookout for literary works of fiction in which the author demonstrates the beauty and power of storytelling. With a passion for language, I am interested in discovering well constructed general fiction, fantasy and science fiction, particularly novels which explore significant topics such as social rights, the self or politics. Read more

Jane Riddell portrait

Jane Riddell - Training Advisor

I am a writer and editor myself, having now written 4 books,Read more