The Team

Cassian Hall

Cassian Hall - Agent

Coming from the world of screen I particularly like working with screenwriters. I look for strong, well-observed characters that are taken on a journey. In terms of genre, I am currently looking for thrillers and psychology based non-fiction. However, I can not take on any more first time writers right now, as I'm at capacity. Read more

Jocelyn Dellar - Agent

I’m on the lookout for some great new writers, who possess the drive and commitment to make a career from their passion.  My specialist areas are fantasy and children’s/YA fiction, though I’d welcome other submissions; the quality of the writing interests me more than the subject.Read more

Portrait of Cinzia DuBois

Cinzia DuBois - Agent

As a lover of words, deep thoughts and poetic narratives, I am on the lookout for literary works of fiction in which the author demonstrates the beauty and power of storytelling. With a passion for language, I am interested in discovering well constructed general fiction, fantasy and science fiction, particularly novels which explore significant topics such as social rights, the self or politics. Read more

Claire Daly - Agent

I am a voracious reader, I love nurturing writers and I am thrilled to be scouting for new talent in Scotland. I love  working with writers and I am on the lookout for all kinds of fantastic new fiction. In particular I love historical fiction, funny feminist fiction and humorous novels of any kind. I am also very keen on children’s books, including picture books, and would welcome submissions from both writers and illustrators. Read more

Tony Morrice - Associate Agent

My fascination with the philosophical, has drawn me to literature that considers our own inner nature, our place in the world – culturally, politically, metaphysically; literature that isn’t afraid to drag its characters through the shadows in order to shed some light. These qualities I have found primarily in sci-fi and horror, although not exclusively.  Read more

Jane Riddell portrait

Jane Riddell - Training Advisor

I am a writer and editor myself, having now written 4 books,Read more