We are currently looking for strong characters and well-crafted plots, especially in historical fiction, crime, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy and adventure. In non-fiction, we have a particular interest in archaeology, history, popular science, psychology, human behaviour, 

Before sending us anything, bear in mind the following.

All submissions:

  • Include a covering letter with a brief biography, why you are writing and what ambitions you have for your work. This should cover no more than one side of A4.
  • All work should be formatted with double line spacing.
  • Please only submit your work if you are prepared to receive notes and criticism. We understand that revealing your manuscript to others can be nerve wracking, but constructive criticism from knowledgeable people can greatly help your work.



  • We also welcome submissions by Video, that include a recording of the author reading an extract of their work. We recommend a video recording using a microphone for good audio quality, although video quality is less vital. The important aspect of this kind of submission is to hear the author reading their own work - it requires a level of objectivity that many novice writers avoid. These submissions will be given priority.
  • We also welcome other creative ways to approach submission using online platforms - show us your creativity but include the basics listed above.


  • When submitting a manuscript please send the first three chapters or 10,000 words, and a synopsis of the remainder.
  • Please ensure you have completed the work before submitting.
  • Do you have well-developed characters whom you know well?
  • Have you identified the journey within your story?
  • Do you have a strong narrative voice?
  • If you are not an established writer, get hold of some of the good texts on writing screenplays or manuscripts. We know there is not one way, but you can take useful gems from all kinds of sources like Robert McKee’s 'Story' or Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero's Journey'.

Non fiction:

  • Please send the first three chapters and a detailed synopsis. It is not always necessary to have completed the work but you should know what each chapter will cover.

Scripts for screen:

  • Please send the completed work.
  • Have you considered the market place and where your piece of work might fit in? Which channel might it work for? What time slot and which day of week?
  • If it’s a film, do you understand your genre and how it fits into the market place? Is it art house or is it mainstream? Would it appeal to a US audience, or is it European cinema?

Once you have answered all the above questions, please email your submission to: 

We will endeavour to respond to your submission within 8 weeks of receipt, although sometimes this may not be possible depending on the number of submissions received. You should always keep copies of your own work and we can accept no liability with regard to work submitted. You submit entirely at your own risk.

If you receive a standard rejection email from us, this does not necessarily reflect on the quality of your work. It merely means that we don’t feel we can represent you, either because the “fit” is not right or because we do not feel that we can place it.