EDITING: where would our books be without it?

By Jane Riddell Is editing really so important?  If a story is good, isn’t that enough?  Sadly, no. A publisher receiving daily bucket loads of submissions will be quick to relegate one to the bin if it contains spelling and grammatical errors. And readers won’t be impressed if their reading journey is jarred by a […]

Laurence Westwood talks about his forthcoming book, The Willow Woman

In a fascinating discussion of his new crime novel, Laurence gives us an insight into the long history of the Chinese detective genre and the background to his fascination with China. In discussing his book there are some minor spoilers – so beware! And if you’d like to pre-order – drop us an email admin@tctliteraryagency.com.

Mount Everest - writing career

The beginning of a writing career

Climb the Mountain, write the book Setting out on the road to a writing career is a challenge. It’s  like standing at the bottom of Mount Everest. You have a choice, you can stand and get a crick in your neck just looking at the peak, or you can start walking, keeping your eyes on […]

Writing Fantasy  – Making Magic Mesmerising

Writing fantasy is an amazing challenge. I love great fantasy and great science fiction. My favourites are the great epics that I spent much of my youth reading and rereading; Tolkien, Stephen Donaldson, Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert to name a few. Fantasy and certain kinds of Science Fiction pose a very particular challenge to […]