Author Coaching for Achievers

More and more I am approached by successful people from all walks of life and different industries who want to embark on a writing project. These are people that are motivated and used to doing well, but stepping into writing is a new venture. The thing about achievers is they know the value of coaching, and so I have decided that this is a service that needs to be offered.

I have worked across screen and prose, so I am happy to coach with film scripts, novels and factual prose. Each of them requires a different approach and it also needs to be tailored to the way that the individual works, we are all different.

I am firmly of the belief that the best writing is communicating an essential truth about being human, a truth that has been won by the author through the trials and tribulations of their own experience. As Joseph Campbell observed, it is necessary for the hero to enter the layer of the dragon and face the beast before they can return with treasure. That is exactly what most achievers have done. They have faced their own beast and returned with treasure that they are ready to give to the rest of the world.

So when you come to me for coaching we are in part looking at the writing process, but we are also looking at life – the two are not divisible. If you want to be a better writer, then be you need to know yourself better, you need to dig deep into your hardest experiences, for those are the ones that have taught you the most.

If this sounds like a process you’d want to enter into in order to write the best piece of work of which you are capable, then get in touch and we’ll arrange a chat. I am based predominantly in Edinburgh, UK and we can meet either in person or via Zoom. The first 30mins is free of charge as you work out whether this is the kind of coaching that you want. Subsequent 60min sessions would be charged at £90 / hour.



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IMPORTANT NOTE: If I am coaching you, then I am unfortunately unable to represent you personally as an agent.