The Team

Cassian Hall

Cassian Hall - Agent

Agent, producer, writer, archaeologist, story lover...Read more

Jocelyn Dellar - Agent

I’m on the lookout for some great new writers, Read more

Portrait of Cinzia DuBois

Cinzia DuBois - Agent

As a lover of words, deep thoughts and poetic narratives, I am on the lookout Read more

Claire Daly - Agent

I am a voracious reader, I love nurturing writers and I am thrilled to be scouting for new talent in Scotland. I love Read more

Grace Ryder - Agent

Grace has worked in the arts, literature, media and dramaturgy for over a decade. She is highly skilled in supporting and developing emerging ability Read more

Jane Riddell portrait

Jane Riddell - Training Advisor

I am a writer and editor myself, having now written 4 books,Read more